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Hi, please can you pass my most grateful thanks onto vet, Natalie....

Fianna, my Huskamute, came in for two lumpectomies yesterday , and on arriving home became extremely distressed. She has quite an extensive and painful wound on her side (& head) due to the op, and I at first didn't want to stress her any further by putting her back in the car for another journey back into you as she was obviously in a lot of pain.

Natalie arranged for some additional pain meds for Fianna, and thankfully, these really helped. Fianna is much more settled this mornin. A HUGE thank youto Natalie, plus whichever theatre nurse I also spoke to on the phone when I rang into Barnsley yesterday afternoon.

Keep up the fabulous work!


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Hello Mr D,
My friend's mum came in with her cat Oreo Judd on Wednesday who was severely constipated and had to be admitted. She asked me to tell you that the staff that dealt with Oreo, Eleanor, Mariline and the nurses were all amazing in what she noticed to be a very busy shift. She said that they were all lovely and has posted on facebook about the 'fabulous treatment' they received at Abbey.


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Hello I just wanted to say I went to Deepcar Vets yesterday afternoon to pick up my dog and cats prescriptions, the young girl on the reception was so very friendly and helpful with choosing the right flea and worming treatments and was just really lovely. I thought I would tell you as it’s nice to know your staff are doing so well.

Sarah Adlam

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Hi, I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to abbey vets and especially to one of your receptionists called Melissa I think. Anyway, about 4 wks ago I found a husky dog roaming up and down west st in hoyland and as it was about 07.30 and I was on my way to work I was at a loss as to what to do with the dog I'd found. I decided to take it to the only kennels I knew at wath which I thought would be open at that time but they didn't want to know so then I went to the vets in wath who refused to take him but they said they could scan him to find out his details but they couldn't tell me where he lived so I could take him back to his owners, what an absurd situation I felt myself in, they wouldn't take him or tell me who's dog it was so I could get him home ! absolutely ridiculous so back in the car he went then we called at the vets in chapeltown but who didn't open until 9. After getting a bit frustrated by it all I sat wondering what to do with him. Do I skin him and make a coat out of him as he'd got some beautiful colours in his fur ? ( only joking ) 🙂 .. do I keep him? Or do I try good old abbey vets at 08.30? abbey vets it was then so I came up to abbey vets to be greeted by a cheerful Melissa who got the ball rolling telling me the ins and outs of how abbey would deal with my furry friend but the thing that put the biggest smile on my face is when she said they could take him off my hands , put him on the pets lost database etc etc etc . WOW !!! THANKYOU ABBEY VETS! It also shows just how caring towards animals you are especially compared to the UNCARING others I tried to get help off. Once again a big thank you to Melissa and abbey vets. Ps, when you move to your new premises we'll be registering our 2 dogs with you. Sorry about the late reply only I've been working away.

Craig U.

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I've a fear/noise reactive BC whom is very nervous I didn't even have to explain the vet knew and ignored him and just let him sniff and come to her which was a great start I've seen vets put their arms out and he panics she was so good with him she knew he was stressing out by his body language and his licking – very good.


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I am writing this completely heartbroken following the loss of both my adored dogs within the space of a week butI just wanted to say a massive thank you to the team at Hoyland. Over the years the Hoyland branch have provided excellent care and service and I really appreciate it.

Thank you.

Leonie Briggs

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I just wanted to say thank you for how brilliant you were with my little dog, Poppy, today. She was limping badly and we were extremely worried as she has surgery last year on both elbows for IOHC. Also she is very timid and hates vets because of her ops. The vet she saw was so helpful and treated Poppy like she was her own. I have filled in your survey but couldn’t do the google review so thought I would just email you instead. I called you at 7.30 this morning and the lady I spoke to was lovely and extremely helpful.

That is why we keep coming back to you, usually at Deepcar.

Thank you so much.

Marianne and Charlie (and Poppy)!

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Dear Mr Duffy,

Following your teams care of Storm we feel we must contact you to express our gratitude for all they have done for him.

All the Staff from reception through to the Vets have been excellent. Storm has been extremely ill and as I’m sure you will appreciate it has also been difficult for ourselves. Throughout his care everyone has kept us informed on how he was progressing and the care that he needed.

We can’t thank the Vets enough for their expertise and professionalism and kindness Carmen, Natalie, Rachel, Fran and Steven have been superb  , if we have missed anyone out please accept our apologies . They kept us informed daily about his progress and to explain his care and discuss what they believed he required.They gave us time to discuss his care with them and answer our questions. We were extremely impressed with the care they provided and their honesty as to Storm’s recovery.

We visited Storm frequently at the surgery and the reception Staff were very helpful and kind . The nursing Staff kept us informed of his progress and were extremely professional ,knowledgeable and kind to both Storm and ourselves nothing seemed too much trouble .

When we left him we knew he was in safe hands which was a big help to both of us. Each morning the Nurse contacted us to give us an update on Storm’s progress which was extremely helpful and gave us the opportunity to ask questions without us having to ring the surgery this was less stressful for us .

We now have Storm home and he is getting back to his old self he hasn’t yet been discharged but is seeing Carmen on Thursday at your Hoyland Branch . The Staff there have also been excellent they are always helpful , kind and professional and it makes such a difference when you are worried about your pet .

We have used your practice for a number of years and have always received excellent care from all your Staff . We know that you may think that this is the care you expect from your Staff but it’s how that care is delivered and how your pet and yourselves are treated within that care plan . Your Staff , without exception , have been amazing . We have had a wonderful outcome with Storm but had it not been so we would still say that he and ourselves couldn’t have received better care . Thankfully Storm is now recovering well and we cant thank your Staff enough .

Please would you be kind enough to inform your Staff how much we appreciate the care they have provided and that thank you does not seem enough for all they have done.

Kind Regards

S & G Meadows