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The winner of our Barnsley Hospice chocolate bouquet was square number 94, Mrs Brook-Lane 🍫🎉

Thank you to everyone that took part 😀 along with some extra donations we will be taking £113.00 to Barnsley Hospice later this week


Although it is seen more often in cats please be aware that antifreeze is poisonous to all animals if ingested!

Typical signs of poisoning include:

⚠️ Wobbly, uncoordinated movement - often making your pet appear drunk

⚠️ Seizures/convulsions/shaking tremors

⚠️ Nausea/vomiting

⚠️ Diarrhoea

⚠️ Weakness

⚠️ Drooling

⚠️ Mouth ulceration

If you suspect your pet may have ingested antifreeze it is vital that you act quick.

☎️ 01226 242217

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