Administering Creams, Ointments & Lotions


Some dogs may object to the application of creams etc. if the skin is very sensitive or painful. Have somebody hold the dog if he is likely to object or escape! In some cases you are advised to wear gloves when handling the medication. It is important that you take this advice to heart!

How do I apply creams, ointments and lotions?

In general these medications are applied by gently spreading the cream onto the skin. Some need massaging into the skin, others do not. Try to always apply these forms of medication to a dry skin.

What if my dog keeps licking them?

If your dog tends to lick the area of application there are several things you can try. Firstly, apply the cream just before giving the dog its food or just before taking him for a walk. This way, he will have something else on its mind then licking the cream off! Secondly, you can try fitting an Elizabethan/buster collar to your dog to prevent the dog reaching the treated area of skin. Not all dogs will be happy wearing these collars, but most accept it quite quickly. Thirdly, you can cover the skin with a bandage or boot if it is a foot. This is not always failsafe and it is not easy to apply a bandage without making it too tight or too loose. If the affected area of skin is on the body of the dog you may try putting an old T-shirt on your dog. Finally, in some cases the only solution is to muzzle the dog while the cream takes effect.

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