Preventative Health Guide


Preventative care helps in terms of a higher quality of life for your pet and significant financial savings, long term, for you. Many Veterinary Practices offer free healthcare clinics and advice to support your best friend, from cradle to grave. Please contact our practice for details.

A full comprehensive clinical examination normally carried out by the Veterinary Surgeon and included as part of the cost in your dog's annual vaccination. Our Vet will also perform an examination, when you take your dog for a consultation on any other issue or concern with their health.

Our Vet will use this examination to look for signs of ill health such as infections, the presence of parasites or identify the nature of any lumps or bumps. They will also take the opportunity to identify potential problems, which may need treatment or further investigations now to prevent them from developing into something more serious or life threatening for your animal. The ideal result of this examination is when the Vet can give your Pet a clean bill of health and advise you on the appropriate care to maintain their healthy status.

This time is also an ideal opportunity for you to ask our Vet or Veterinary nurse questions relating to your dogs health or lifestyle, such as, nutrition, worming, flea control training and weight control.

If your dog is over 7 years of age, you may want to consider taking them for a health check more frequently than once a year, at vaccination time.

Likewise, it is always worthwhile to take in a fresh specimen of urine, in a clean container, for the vet to check.

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